What We Offer

Everyone within the Barratt Group has access to all the learning and development they need to build a successful career with us. We welcome fresh thinking and recognise talent when we see it. And we look for initiative. If you embody these qualities then we have no doubt you’ll succeed with us.

So whether you need training in customer experience, leadership or anything in between, we’ll provide you with the knowledge you need to progress.


Barratt Academy

At the heart of our training programme is our Barratt Academy. Working in partnership with CITB – the Sector Skills Council for Construction – we offer industry-leading training through our range of programmes. These are designed for those in Sales, Customer Service, Construction, Land, Technical and Commercial disciplines. We also offer a transition programme into site management for the Armed Forces community. Each programme features both classroom and on-the-job training, and your development is overseen by a Director. It demonstrates just how seriously we take your progression.


The training I've had since joining Barratt; I've had quite a lot. I've done the 'single sales principle' course, and most recently the 'stepping into management' course, which has provided me with a lot of knowledge, right up to being signed off as a full manager.

Dan Hardcastle
Sales Manager


eLearning Modules on MyLearning

Our MyLearning portal offers you the opportunity to take control of your development. Accessible online and openly available to all our employees, you’ll be able to explore a wide variety of development opportunities, ranging from time management and Microsoft Office skills, to negotiation techniques and personal development.


In addition to our eLearning opportunities, we offer a number of core module workshops covering:

  • Embracing change
  • Customer first
  • Presenting effectively
  • Effective negotiation, communication and influencing
  • Time and project management
  • Introduction to coaching
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Managing difficult conversations
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Leadership Development Programmes

To create a company that people aspire to be part of, you need great leaders.We look at the potential of our people across the business and optimise it.

Leadership essentials (formally known as Elevations)
This programme is designed to support the development of line managers as leaders of our teams right across the business. It’s primarily aimed at our first line managers and includes content on recruiting, effective performance management, coaching, exploring personal styles and tools for leading teams effectively.

Breaking new management ground
Consisting of three modules, this programme is aimed at middle and senior managers across our divisions and group functions, and focuses on building high-performing teams, impact and influence, and engaging and motivating teams.

Paving the leadership way
This programme is for senior leaders, including newly appointed directors, supporting them in effectively leading large teams and functions as well as leading change across our business.

Development days
We bring managers together regularly to ensure they are spending time focusing on their individual development needs and putting together targeted, clear development plans.

360 feedback
We offer opportunities to complete 360 feedback at all levels from first line manager through to our executive team, to build awareness of strengths and development areas, and an understanding of how they as an individual are perceived by their teams and colleagues.

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